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Homeward Bound’s Kelly Olson talks about invitations, that they are the key to getting your teen to act, and how they differ from manipulation and force.

Homeward Bound’s Kelly Olson teaches about the benefit of stopping to think before saying no to your teen.

Homeward Bound coach Leah Abrusci shares how learning, growing and making mistakes are all part of the parenting process.

Homeward Bound coach Leah Abrusci explains how creating your resume of failure can help you and your teen.

Homeward Bound coach Lyle Nelson shares a tip on how to approach some of the challenges you’ll face as your teen transitions home from treatment.

Homeward Bound coach Marina Voron describes how she helps families go about creating their home team.

Homeward Bound coach Marina Voron shares a tip to help you manage and stay out of sibling rivalries!

Homeward Bound’s Bryan Zitzman shares a story about how really listening to what your teen is asking for can improve your relationship.

Homeward Bound coach Meredith McGarvey talks about how curiosity is a powerful tool to manage conflict with your teen.