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AFton Thayne

Afton Thayne has four brothers and loves to spend time with her family. Some things they enjoy doing together are driving up the canyon, watching movies, traveling and talking over dinner.

Afton recently returned home from an 18-month service mission to Denver, Colorado. She cherishes the time she spent with the homeless, the elderly, youth groups, and children.

Afton is known for being low drama. She has learned that eventually things will work themselves out as you do your best to move forward, be patient with the timing, and creative with your next steps.

In her free time Afton loves to bake, go thrifting and roller-skate! Her friends introduced her to roller-skating in college and there’s a rink near her school. She thinks it’s fun to learn new tricks and it helps get her mind off of work and school.

Afton wants to be a mentor because she wants to help people feel excited about their future plans and confident that their efforts and their family and friends will help them reach their goals.