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To whom it may concern:

When my wife and I were introduced to the concept of Homeward Bound, we didn’t fully understand why we would need their services. We assumed that our son’s wilderness experience would be enough to change our family and our son for the better. We thought that our situation was unique and that it would be impossible for anybody to truly assist us from a long distance over the phone. Reluctantly, we hired Homeward Bound not truly appreciating to what extent that we could use their expertise or parental portal.

Once we committed to Homeward Bound, it was apparent that our family and situation was very important to our Homeward Bound transition coach. He was persistent and very flexible regarding our initial phone interviews. He was organized in his approach and was quickly getting to know our family and situation better. Even after several initial interviews, however, my wife and I truly didn’t appreciate the program. It was during the home visit we realized the power of the Homeward Bound experience. We discovered that the experience would be as much about my wife and I as it would be about our son.

Our coach spent as much time alone with my wife and me as he did with our son during the home visit. He helped us realize what drove our reactions to our son’s behavior. He helped us understand our relationship with our son and how our personalities affected our son’s relationship with us. He also considered the dynamics with all four of our children and worked with us to understand how my wife and I could improve the relationships with all of our children. He built relationships with all six of us in a very natural way. By the end of his visit we felt that had known him for years.

After the visit and for the next couple of months, we spoke with our coach on a regular basis, typically for at least an hour. He spoke with our son on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. He built a trusting relationship with our son and was able to give us his perspective on issues that we were facing. He helped us understand our son and his view on life. I am embarrassed to admit how much I didn’t appreciate or understand. He taught us how to love our son and not let negativity overwhelm our relationship.

Ironically, if my wife and I were working with Homeward Bound years earlier my son’s wilderness experience may not have been necessary. Our coach has served as a friend, mentor and counselor to my son over these past months. He has helped bridge the communication and generation gap between us and our children. Personally, not only did this experience help me be a better parent, but also a better person in general. We believe in the Homeward Bound support so much that we have enrolled in their Legacy Parent Program. If I may be of assistance in any way please feel free to contact me.


Brad and Barb Caron,