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Dear Parents,

Our RTC dealt with the deep issues that our daughter had, and the dynamics of the family. But after coming home, we all had some adjusting to do, and Homeward Bound has been extremely valuable in helping us accomplish that. Our family therapy had never really addressed her tendency to ‘terrorize’ me – pushing me into a corner demanding me to take some action to satisfy her – and we needed help in shifting the emotional power in the house away from her and back onto us as parents. HB taught me very specific skills in how to address her, how to confront her and how to prevent such shifts. On more than one occasion, our coach scripted my conversations with my daughter so that we weren’t all falling back into the unhealthy behaviors of the past. And when she stumbled, she was there to give us support and strength, while also providing our daughter with an outlet to talk about her issues.

It’s been 6 months since our daughter returned home, and although we don’t need our coach as much as we did before, it still gives me great comfort knowing that if we can’t handle situations, we can call on Homeward Bound for backup.

Kevin & Tamara Sullivan