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When a family gets the diagnosis that their child has a learning disability, there is usually a mix of emotions. Sadness that their child has a life-long struggle ahead, and relief that they now have an explanation for why things have been going the way they have.

Families that I have worked with here at Homeward Bound are some of the most engaged parents I know. They feel completely bought into our philosophy that parents own the leadership role in their home, and they are ready to learn and experiment on whatever tools or guidance we can offer. Parents of teens with learning disabilities often take this engagement to a whole new level. These folks are beyond the initial devastation or embarrassment of having a child who struggles, and are moving full steam ahead into learning what can be done to help their children have as fulfilling and successful a life as possible.

My suggestion for all of us is to learn from what other parents have done in walking that fine line of modifying situations to allow for more time or less anxiety in learning, and searching out experiences to stretch and engage their children. All of our children, and we ourselves, have our strengths and weaknesses. The problems don’t come in having a difference, but in neglecting the opportunity to rally the forces to find the professional and community help for the child and for the caregivers.

We hope you will find the resources listed in this month’s Notes From Home educational as well a jumping off point.

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