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ashlynn lybbert

Ashlynn is the second oldest of eight kids. Her family loves going on road trips and having dance parties together. She is most excited to one day be a mom and hopefully have a big family of her own.

She is currently attending Brigham Young University majoring in nursing. She wants to become a perioperative nurse and help those recovering from surgery. 

Some of Ashlynn’s interests include planning weddings, playing the piano, singing and football. You can always find her parked on the couch for hours every Sunday during football season. Being at the beach or writing research essays is how she loves to unwind.

Ashlynn is known for being a very giving person. She is the type of person to stay up way too late talking with a friend or be up at 4 AM in order to get everything done so that she can have time to serve and reach out. 

Ashlynn is very passionate about the subject of touch deprivation and the effects that a lack of physical touch has on us emotionally and physically, both now and long term. She feels this subject gives so much perspective and understanding to where some people’s personality traits as well as behaviors stem from. It has given her the ability to be more understanding with others knowing that sometimes, the best help you can give is a hug.

Having struggled with a lot of health issues throughout her life, Ashlynn learned a great deal of patience but mostly empathy. She feels that she understands chronic illness in deeper ways and is able to relate with and know how to lift those who struggle.

Ashlynn wants to be a mentor because she knows the power of having consistent support through a challenge. Whether it’s recovering from an illness or overcoming personal demons, everyone needs healing and healing is harder done on your own.