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Homeward Bound is an exceptional part of our son’s journey as well as that of our family’s. It complemented our son’s therapeutic camp to perfection. The privilege of having an expert observe our interactions and comment on the spot was exactly what we needed: direct, honest, constructive feedback, a better understanding of our challenges, and a plan. Strictly speaking, the return on investment was immediate, concrete and visible. Our level of awareness collectively grew and that in itself enabled the four of us to modify many behavior patterns.

For sure, it is not magic. We still have challenges to face, our son in particular…. But we are now better equipped to face life as parents and teenagers. More importantly when needed…we know who to call. For all these reasons, and many others, Homeward Bound helped us develop perspective. And that gave us hope. Hope for our son. In addition, because of the changes we have all made, the love and humor is back in our family again – best remedy in the world!

In short, Homeward Bound was the best thing we did for our family. Do not hesitate. It is the right thing to do.

Natalie Guilbeault

Taipei, Taiwan