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Dear Tim,

She just left the house, only moments ago – it was urgent to me that I share my gratitude for her high talent.

Our Transition Coach was the perfect match for our family. Her skill and mastery of this process and work is apparent in every word, action and effort.
Many commented to me about how impressed they have been with her. Of course Grace and me highest and most important amongst them – we share this high regard.

Grace and I have done our work and we have “game” in this process. What impressed me most about our coach is her skill – the finesse she has. Had she stuck to a script with us – she would have lost us or been less than effective. Instead she learned about us, our skills and shaped the process and flow to meet our already abundant skill set.

This program helped us immeasurably. I would recommend it as a requirement to any family with a child coming home. Easing the stress and effort needed for both me and my daughter – I feel so much more confident than I already did. God bless your good work.

Thank you to our coach and to your organization and honored to have been led to your door.

Peace and gratitude,

Nicholas Freedman, CA