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Two New Therapists to Join Homeward Bound in Helping Troubled Teens and Families


Alpine, Utah (PR Web), August 26, 2015 – Homeward Bound, the industry leader in teen aftercare and in-home family treatment, announced today the appointment of two new therapists, Meredith Silversmith and Reina Zelonky, to its clinical team.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Meredith and Reina to Homeward Bound,” said Dr. Tim Thayne, Homeward Bound Founder and CEO. “Both are highly respected therapists who bring invaluable experience to our team in providing help to struggling teens and their families.”


Meredith Silversmith is a licensed marriage and family therapist from New York with a master’s degree from Hofstra University. She has worked with teens and their families for over six years.  Throughout that time, Silversmith developed the ability to connect with even the most reluctant teens. She is particularly passionate about working with adopted teens and has co-founded an initiative in the New York area that focuses on helping adoptive families thrive. She also has a private practice on Long Island where she provides individual, couples, and family therapy.


“I truly enjoy my work,” said Meredith Silversmith. “It energizes me. And I’m thrilled to bring my experience to Homeward Bound.”


Silversmith specializes in helping teens with oppositional/defiance issues, anger issues, depression/anxiety, personality disorders, and adoption issues.


Reina Zelonky, a native New Yorker, is a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in working with substance-use disorders and relationships. She has a master’s degree from Pepperdine University and uses a holistic approach when working with young adults and families. Early on in her career, Zelonky was the lead therapist for the Veterans Administration in Los Angeles where she worked with female veterans in early recovery returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently she has private practice in midtown New York.


“I’m excited to work with a talented team,” said Reina Zelonky, “and have the opportunity to help families and young adults transition smoothly, build a supportive, healthy lifestyle and ultimately achieve happiness, peace, and confidence.”


Zelonky focuses on helping individuals create a foundation that will enable them to experience healthy relationships, internal peace, and personal achievement.


For more information about the services offered by Homeward Bound, please call 1-877-HOME-819 (877-466-3819) or visit


About Homeward Bound:

Created in response to a need for more effective aftercare help for troubled teens, Homeward Bound is recognized as the industry leader in aftercare and transition management. The company’s innovative, evidence-based aftercare program helps teens and families bridge the gap between out-of-home treatment and the return to real life. For more than ten years, Homeward Bound has assisted teens and their families throughout North America in navigating the transition process and achieving long-term success, unity, and happiness.