Contributing a decade of counseling experience with teen girls and their parents, Dr.Gordick shares the long-held mission to see more happiness in families.

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ALPINE, Utah, Jan. 13, 2016—Homeward Bound, a pioneer in nationwide, in-home intervention and transition services, announced today that Diana Gordick Ph.D. has joined their team of solid Masters and Ph.D. level clinicians to further develop and strengthen families. Gordick of Decatur, Georgia comes with a wealth of experience within the therapeutic industry, having spent the last 10 years working as a therapist and ultimately moving into the role of executive director of a wilderness treatment program. Most recently, she has opened of two private practice offices focusing on coping with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and health issues.  Joining in to advance the Homeward Bound Mission–to Inspire, Heal, and Fortify the World’s Families–Diana will continue her success.

Diana joins Homeward Bound as a Transition Coach to further Homeward Bound’s recent success providing in-home family services nationwide. Diana comments, “I think Homeward Bound has a really good thing going here. Time and time again I’ve seen when parents discover these transition programs and haven’t been aware of them before, it is such a relief.  We really meet a need in the field.”  Happy to join the team Diana comments, “I appreciate the invested and dedicated people here.  It shows there is a lot of care and commitment to the work that gets done.”

Tim Thayne, Ph.D. and Founder of Homeward Bound said, “The work we do at Homeward Bound is in the most intimate–and often most effective–place…a family’s home.  It takes a special kind of clinician to be introduced to, gain trust and produce results with a group of people in such intense relationships.  Diana is a professional in every sense of the word.  We have no doubt she will effect great change and strength for Homeward Bound families.”

About Diana: 

Growing up in Michigan and with a large family, Dr. Gordick was an observer of sweet and strong relationships.  Her environment, temperament and style were fostered by a formal education.  She received an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Masters in Professional Counseling and Doctorate in Counseling Psychology at Georgia State University. Approached by Dr. Thayne and having read his book Not by Chance:  How Parents Boost Their Teen’s Success In and After Treatment, and having worked collaboratively with Dr. Bryan Zitzman, Homeward Bound’s Program Director, she was impressed and decided to join the team.  For more info

About Homeward Bound:

After founding successful wilderness and residential teen treatment programs, in 2005 Tim Thayne created Homeward Bound to lead the movement to educate and support families, while greatly reducing relapse.  Never one to underestimate the significance of transitions, Thayne guides parents in their crucial leadership roles as culture builders and change agents.   For more info please contact 1-877-466-3819. Web:  Twitter:   Facebook   You tube:    LinkedIN: