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Dear Parents,

When I first considered using a transition team such as Homeward Bound to help with bringing my son home from a therapeutic boarding school, I had many questions and concerns…
My biggest concern had to deal with whether this person could come into our world and really “get” us. How would he relate to my son? How could he help me be a better parent? In essence, would it really work?

I have to say that my fears were quickly dispelled. I knew from past family experience that aftercare was critical, but I didn’t feel the previous aftercare program was very effective. The difference here was that our Homeward Bound transition coach was able to form a bond with my son, my other children and me and therefore was able to support us while he was here and once he left.

We worked through all the critical issues of bringing my son home…school, boundaries, consequences, allowance, smoking, cell phone, computer, curfew and more. We put the plan in writing so that there was no wiggle-room. And, when things got a little off balance, our coach was simply a phone call away, whether it was at our pre-arranged weekly session or in between.

He was able to empower me to hold firm to these boundaries in a calmer, less reactive manner. I believe that having that ability has been one of the greatest gifts of this experience. I rely on this often.

I believe that we couldn’t have had the success that we have had without Homeward Bound. I continue to be in touch with them as is necessary and will always consider them an excellent resource when the road gets bumpy.

Francine Coles