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We are very grateful to Homeward Bound for the help they gave us in the transition home with our son. There were many sensitive issues, many unknown issues, and many issues that we did not really embrace previously. The guidance and occasional “nudge” that Homeward Bound provided was timely and meaningful. The focus was on the whole family, not just our son. That was something that we have really come to appreciate as things played out.

The home team gathering was so profound that it propelled the process in to a very healthy direction. That type of unified community is sorely missing today, and we really saw the value. Also, the online materials and just the timeline of the reentry process was something that gave me an honest and realistic context for how things would go. I could breathe a little easier after I read those things.

Ultimately, the changes my wife and I have made at this junction were at least as important as the changes my son has made, in terms of family harmony and avoiding the eruptions of the past. We are certainly a work in progress as a family, but we have a sense that our prayers have been answered. We are very grateful to Homeward Bound and we recommend them highly.

Jay and Kim McCarl, MD