\"\"Have you ever shrugged off the impression to write someone a note because you don’t know what to say? Perhaps you tell yourself that a letter isn’t a grand enough representation of how you feel. Maybe you’d rather just shoot off a quick e-mail than hunt for stationary, a stamp, their address, and the postman. I admit, I’m guilty.

In our materialistic, gadgety, gaudy world, we feel like there needs to be some clever–if not quality–gift attached to a note of gratitude. We feel like we need to dress up the written words with something they’ll REALLY appreciate. Rubbish. As my mom says, these notes can become “Little jewels tucked in your apron pocket, that you pull out and admire over and over.”

So how do you write one of these jewels? I have wanted a book on this subject for years, and this article gave me permission to finally purchase one. Everyday Letters for All Occasions is perfect. Not only does Mr. Maguire tell you how to write an effective letter, he gives you over 200 sample letters to use for crafting your originals. He talks about when and why writing letters can be more appropriate than a phone call or personal visit. From invitations, to thank you’s, to notes of congratulations and complaints, his language and personality are spot on. I write for a living, and people in my office ask me to craft notes all the time. This book is my new secret weapon!

Over the years I have carefully stowed notes sent to me for special occasions, thank you’s, or just because notes. I keep a little leather trunk on top of my armoire brimming with jewels for me to pull out and admire. Let’s face it, we all have days when we need a little pick-me-up that doesn’t cost anything or add to the waistline.

I applaud the parents who make their children sit down Christmas morning or after the birthday party to write thank-you notes to those who gave them gifts. What a wonderful lesson in gratitude. I also believe that teaching our kids to save letters from those around them will give them a treasury of love and support that can sustain them throughout a lifetime.

For more thank you note tips check out: Entertaining.about.com or EmilyPost.com.

Eat, Sleep, Read!

Roxanne Thayne
Marketing Director

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