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\"\"There’s a familiar scene in movies where the corporate big-wig commands the attentive secretary, armed with her notepad and pencil, “Oh yes, and pick something up for my wife’s birthday will you?  You know what she’d like.”  Have you seen that movie too?  How cool is that?  Having someone take the anxiety and gifting mind-block out of presents?  What a dream.

Though the title of the book seems a little over the top, who doesn’t want to be let in on  expert secrets?  Mr. Fary is the founder and president of a gifting company in LA.  He has been in charge of providing gift baskets for events like the Grammy’s, MTV awards, Kids’ Choice awards, etc.  Most of the Hollywood elite have received a gift picked out by him, or had him choose gifts for them to give.  He IS the secretary lady from that movie scene!

One thing that I love about this book is that the first part of the book includes what he calls the Meyers-Briggs assessment for gifting.  A little test for you to use in gathering data about the person you are giving to, to decide if they fit into one of eight different categories. Of course this is by no means meant to pigeonhole, but to be used as a guide.

He also includes gender appropriate suggestions on gifts for each of these types, and then rates them as inexpensive ($25 and under), moderate ($25-$100), and expensive ($100 and above).  Then, for entertainment’s sake, he suggests lavish gift ideas.

He gives advice on everything from the rules of re-gifting, to setting up a shelf or an entire room (if you live in Hollywood) dedicated to gift wrap and supplies, to stockpiling standard gifts, to setting reasonable budgets for gifting.  Mr. Fary even includes a list of 30 of the best gifts he’s ever received.  These range from a chocolate brown leather briefcase, to a Belgian waffle maker, to fun t-shirts to wear to the gym.

Though this isn’t the most serious book I’ve ever reviewed for you…it’s been one of the most creative and enjoyable.  If you don’t have time to order the book and crunch every loved one through the Meyers-Briggs of gifting, here’s a couple of other sites to look at for meaningful gift ideas.

Eat, Sleep, Read!

Roxanne Thayne

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