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In 2014, my daughter graduated from a long-term treatment center.  She was ready to come home.  My husband and I weren’t sure that WE were ready.  We’d had weekly Skype sessions with her and her therapist, but we wanted to make sure that we didn’t go back to old patterns as a family.  The treatment center had given us a copy of Not By Chance during her first months in treatment. This became our roadmap, so it made sense to contact Homeward Bound for her transition.  Our transition coach was fabulous!  She helped us recognize old patterns, develop trust with our daughter, and relieve our fears.  The welcome home party with family and friends was a tremendous start.  Our coach was available to us for questions and concerns–we needed her much more than our daughter did.  Thanks Homeward Bound!!  Now our daughter is College Bound!

Lynda Hawkins