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Summer is here, kids are graduating or getting out of school, and we have a couple

of months where we are supposed to let our hair down a little. As responsible and busy adults, we understand how hard it can be to drag yourself away from the grind and take a look around at what the rest of the world (including your children) are up to. We tell ourselves that our children are our top priority, and we want to build memories, but making them a reality is difficult. Especially if you are like me…you wonder why moving the woodpile, or building a fence doesn’t rank high on the list of treasured memories for our teens!

I have noticed that in my work with youth at Homeward Bound, I seem to have the most influence with teens AFTER we have some fun together. Just a little volleyball with some of the teenage girls in my church congregation, and I get cheery hello’s every time was pass on the street. A river water fight to cool off and now you’re friends for life. Being a little silly, or acting like you have all the time in the world to visit, sends a message that you are someone who values the other person and can be trusted. It shows that you actually want to build that relationship. You are choosing to be close.

There are so many ways to be fun, but the common ingredient is always TIME. If you don’t take the time to be together and to plan ways to make “it” fun, no one will stick around long enough to get to the “stronger relationship” part of things. Check out the great ideas in this month’s issue of Notes From Home, and then please write us back to share your ideas for having fun as a family this summer. We can all use a refresher course on having a good time! To Your Family’s Happiness, Tim Founder Homeward Bound

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