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Sam Vogrinec

Sam is passionate about equal rights and equal representation for all. She has seen so much inequality that she feels we should be striving for progress every day in all that we choose to say and do.

Currently Sam is attending Utah Valley University. She is working on her B.S. in Psychology. She finds Psychopharmacology and Behavioral Neuroscience to be really interesting and engaging topics. 

Sam enjoys outdoor activities such as bike riding, camping, and hiking with her small group of friends. She also loves photography, and going to concerts. In her free time you can often find her playing video games either on the Xbox or Nintendo Switch. Lately, she has started to really enjoy bowling and even bought her own custom bowling ball. 

Sam is good at enforcing her own self-discipline. She is able to stay on track or force herself to do things when it’s necessary. She has also learned that sometimes we just have to accept things as they are.

Sam wants to be a mentor because she believes everyone deserves a chance to feel accepted with who they are. She feels that society stigmatizes feeling sad/angry/frustrated, even though these are normal things that everyone experiences in their lives. She believes that it is okay to feel bad sometimes, as long as we use those negative experiences to better ourselves in the future.