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Noah Taylor

Noah Taylor grew up in Utah as the middle child of five siblings. When he was younger he was able to visit many places due to his dad’s military career.

Noah is married and attends Utah Valley University with a major in psychology. His goal is to eventually get a PhD and possibly become a LMFT. He currently works for the Air National Guard as a part time crew chief for the KC-135. 

Noah is known for his ability to talk to others and make them laugh. He has a passion for fly fishing and he enjoys teaching others about it. He loves being outdoors and believes it is helpful for managing stress. Other hobbies include roller skating, hiking and skiing. He has learned that the hardest things in life always have the best rewards at the end. 

Noah wants to be a mentor because he loves to meet new people but also help them. He wants to make a difference whether that’s big or small.