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A script?  Really?  Is that necessary in parenting?  You bet it is.  Unless you are one of those rare people who can think and speak clearly when your buttons are being pushed.

Actors study scripts.  They practice them over and over.  Alone first, then in front of a director (coach), then use them on their intended audience.  They\’ll work on the speed, the volume, the emphasis to ensure the most clarity and impact when delivering their lines.

At Homeward Bound, our coaches teach parents that one of the most relevant and helpful lines they can memorize for those moments that seem to escalate quickly around rules and boundaries is this \”I\’m sorry you feel that way, nevertheless…\”  It could end with \”…this is what we agreed on together.\”  Or \”…your dad and I feel it is best that we stick to the plan.\”  When used in times of calm, the mind isn\’t forced to manufacture them in times of crisis.

Does it sound too simple?  You\’d be surprised at the power of a script.  One family used it on their daughter when she was bucking the system.  Frustrated she retorted \”Whenever a parent says that, a Homeward Bound coach gets their wings.\”

As a matter of fact, they do.

Give it a try…in front of the mirror at least 20 times, then in the face of opposition.

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