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Values: important, beneficial, principles, standards of behavior, something you have a high opinion of.

If one of your friends were asked to describe you to a group of strangers, what would they say are your most passionately held core values? Would they come up blank, or fumble around for a generic answer like “Ummm…he values his weekends.” Are your core values obvious to others who witness your daily actions and approach to personal relationships?

To be honest, I’m questioning whether some of my friends, and even my family members, would accurately identify my core values, because my actions do not always make them obvious. For example I value my children far more than my occupation, but far too often I’m caught trying to type an email while a child is telling me about their day at school. If I’m not able to make my values translate to the people I’m around morning, noon, and night, then what good are they on an epitaph?

Most of us can talk eloquently about our “espoused” values, but there is too often a gap between what we think we value, and what we are actually demonstrating. My hope is that this edition of Notes From Home can help you re-enthrone the important values in your life, giving them the proper prominence in your speaking, teaching, and especially behavior.

To Happy Families!

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