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\"\"Do you remember where you were on 9/11/01 at about 9am EST. I do and I\’ll never forget it as won\’t most Americans. This article is not about national security, terrorism, or even patriotism. This is about the contrast between that horrific event and another life changing event that took place in the Thayne household the following Tuesday morning at the same hour.

Still shocked by the attacks on the World Trade Towers, Roxanne and I put one foot in front of the other to keep trudging forward. I wanted to gather with family and friends and do something to deal with my emotions, but life went on. Although our world and our peace had been shaken just a few days earlier, we still had a family to take care of, work to do, and, as it turned out, a new baby to birth.

I won\’t go into all the details of the early morning hours on Tuesday the 18th, but I will share that Roxanne went into labor and we prepared for what we expected to be our 4th son. We had planned for a home birth with a midwife and everything worked like clock work except the midwife. She had successfully delivered hundreds of babies, never missing one, but on this particular day, a series of events took her back to her own home and then everything started progressing.

The baby\’s arrival coincided with the very hour terrorists stunned America just 7 days earlier. We were thrust into the here and now. Roxanne with an intensity of pain she had never before experienced, and me with an acute awareness that we needed divine help, there we were, in our bedroom, having our baby.

Instructions from the birthing classes we had taken over the years prior to our other son\’s being born came back to me. I was a doula (birthing coach), a midwife, and a husband all in one. I was at my best because Roxanne needed me to be and we delivered the baby together. Roxanne was amazing!

Wrapping the newborn in a towel and placing \”him\” on Roxanne\’s chest, I proclaimed \”We have another boy!\” A rush of joy and relief that the baby was breathing enveloped me and we shed tears of joy together.

Within a few seconds, maybe a minute or so, my feet were back on the ground and I realized that in all of the excitement, I had not really checked to make sure it was a boy. Unfolding the pink towel to get a better look, I confirmed that we had a ….. GIRL!!! Joy too great to express followed!

I had witnessed something, experienced something too life changing to put into words. In my arms was a new girl in my life that would prove to have profound impact on me as a father. Next to me in our bed, was the strongest, bravest, person I knew. I had a new appreciation for the love of my life. Two special girls!

In this months Notes From Home we are sharing research, stories, and insights about girls. What makes them special and unique. This is not a discussion comparing girls to boys. At the end of the newsletter, I encourage you to click on the links to listen to Nora Urbanelli as she talks about \”What Today\’s Girls Think About Sex\”. She does an incredible job of educating us on the challenges girls face in our world today and specific ways we can protect them. I couldn\’t recommend it more highly.

To Your Family\’s Happiness,

Dr. Tim Thayne
Founder Homeward Bound

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