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\"\"You may have seen this news story. An Australian woman saves her horse when he sinks up to his chest in a quicksand-like mud while out on their daily walk on the beach. She stayed with Astro, holding his nose above the rising tide water, while her daughter called for help, bringing in firefighters and veterinarians. They came with fire hoses, a winch, and finally a nearby farmer’s tractor. They were able to help him escape after three hours, with only a little bruising and dehydration.

I love horses and get teared up watching the clip.

I talk to parents daily who are stuck in the mud alongside their son or daughter, as they struggle to break free from the sucking and sinking spirals they are trapped in. Their mom’s and dad’s will mortgage the home, borrow against their retirement, open their hearts and hopes up to treatment experts. They are willing to stay right there, as long as the rescue takes, making sure their child is calmed, supported, and safe.

For parents who haven’t yet been in a major struggle with your teen, count yourself lucky. But learn from the stamina and grit of these other parents. Your teens can be helped by others in their life, but they only have one Mom or Dad. Bless you for all you do for them.

To Your Family’s Happiness!

Tim Thayne, Ph.D.
Homeward Bound

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