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\"hb_tuesemail_reading.jpg\"Sure, bread does, relationships do, and so does your brain if you aren’t constantly feeding it. 

Last week my team members and I attended a fantastic workshop put on by the famous John Gottman.  He spoke as part of Utah Marriage Week, and he was fantastic!  A researcher who studies why some marriages are the “masters” and others are the “disasters”, Gottman has done so much for the field of marriage and family therapy, it was not only fun, but humbling to learn at his feet for a day.

My point today is this; we need to be learning and growing, or we are sliding backwards, becoming stale.  Our brain needs new food to chew on, preferably daily, or it too becomes malnourished and doesn’t perform.  Whenever I feel like I know it all, I just have to start reading and I realize again how much there is to learn and how fun it can be!

When I am studying my counseling is better, my business does better, my wife and children are happier, and, honestly, so am I!

I’m telling you this because on Thursday the February edition of our HomeBase Briefings newsletter comes out.  If you are getting these e-mails from me, but have not seen the HomeBase Briefings yet, you are missing out on some great food for thought.  It includes sections on:

* easy family activities
* fascinating research findings
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* interesting tips on family life,
* and charming responses from our readers..

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