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\"hb_stickynote.jpg\"No, this isn’t about the Super Bowl!  This is about a powerful tool for change.

Last week I was meeting with a young man who was graduating from a residential treatment program in two days.  I was glad to finally meet him, as I have been talking with his parents about the transition home since May of last year!

I asked him “Be honest with me.  How strong is your commitment to staying away from drugs and alcohol when you go home?  I’m just curious.”

He said “It’s fantastic!  I’ve learned what kind of person I become when I start to use those things and I don’t like that person.  I’m committed to staying away from it 100% going forward.”

Inspiration struck, and I told him and his therapist to hold that thought as I sprinted outside to my car and grabbed my digital voice recorder.  With recorder in hand we started the conversation again.  I was inspired by this young man and there was a tangible feeling of hope and joy in the room as we talked about his future.  This moment had to be captured! 

To add to his comments, I recorded my own experience with him that day as well as some of the visual reminders of that moment, like how we could see through the window a view of the valley, and how he could see forever with that clear view.  I was trying to document for him his environment, how clear and alive his eyes were, and the brightness of his future.

No doubt there will be really difficult days ahead.  When I travel to his home tomorrow I’ll have the privilege of meeting with the friends, family, and mentors in his life.  It will be very moving to the group when I have him play that recording for them, as they weren’t lucky enough to be there on that day. 

We’ll also post this on his Family Bridge, so he can replay it over and over when he needs another shot in the arm.   It’s also available to inspire his support team in helping him press forward in the goals he’s set for himself.

This works for us all, you know.  Whether it be:
• in a journal,
• on audio,
• in a video,
• or taped to your bathroom mirror 

Find a way to capture the goals you set and have a way and time set to revisit them often.  There’s nothing as inspiring as someone who’s inspired.  This can be you…for yourself!

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