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It’s no secret that COVID-19 has impacted virtually every part of life. As we settle into this new “normal” and learn to find balance, one thing is certain—there have been a lot of different emotions surrounding the events of the past year.

Society As a Whole is Experiencing Loss

As human beings, one of the greatest gifts we are given is the ability to feel a wide range of emotions. We feel everything from anger to joy and excitement to boredom—and that’s just scratching the surface. The past few months have been filled with a universal feeling of loss, as we have all lost something. Some have lost structure, some have lost income, others have even lost loved ones, and most have lost the secure feeling of the comfort zone. No one has been immune.

This experience has made us more aware of each other and our connection as humans. Where you may not have thought much of others, now you might have empathy for those who are different from you. It’s a special kind of feeling to go through a trial as a collective whole, and in the process, we have the opportunity to go through a paradigm shift that will make us better people overall.

We All Process Things Differently

Over the past few months, our truths have been questioned and tested. It has caused us to examine our lives more closely and make shifts in the framework of our minds. The blessing of having something like this happen to us is that we’re all going through it, and we’re all processing it together but in very different ways. We’ve seen people who are heavily focused on the positives that have (or will) come out of this, and on the other hand, we see people who are being deeply impacted by the tragedy of the situation.

What Have You Learned?

It’s important to acknowledge the magnitude of what is happening and feel the emotions surrounding that aspect. However, there needs to be a balance. If we spend too long in that headspace, we might miss the unique opportunity to see some of the greatest blessings. We can look at our past life and call our routines into question—and as we do this, we can pinpoint exactly where we can be better. This will run its course and we will eventually manage through this, but what can we take from this? How can we take what we’ve learned over the past couple of months and improve ourselves?

In an ideal world, things won’t actually go back to “normal.” There will be some fundamental shifts that have taken place in families as well as in individuals, and allowing ourselves to feel the wide range of emotions during this time will help us process what is happening and change for the better going forward. We can be better prepared for the next hardship. We can allow our Supreme Being or God back into our lives. We can improve rather than falling back into old habits. Identify your paradigm shifts and use them to make a positive change in your own life as society starts to heal.

If you would like to hear more about this topic, we have a podcast episode: \”Feel the Range of Human Emotion\” on the Not by Chance Podcast found on Apple Podcast and Spotify. You can click here to listen

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